Norway has a lot to offer visitors - including high quality performing arts for a young audience.

From cosmopolitan Oslo to some of the wildest nature in Europe - there is no end of choices for those who come to the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights! Norway offers spectacular scenery, with stunning fjords, ragged mountains and blue glaciers. Although the country is vast and sparsely populated, it is easy to get around. Some of the best sightseeing opportunities could be sxplored by rail or coastal steamers.

Norwegians are probably best known as descendants of the vikings, but the country has also fostered reknowned artists such as playwright Torbjørn Egner ("When the Robbers Came to Cardamum Town" and "Claus Climbermouse and the Other Animals in Huckybucky Forest"), animator Ivo Caprino ("The Finchcliffe Grand Prix") and Oscar-winning animator and writer Torill Kove ("The Danish Poet").

Bringing people and cultur together

Marketing director in Scandinavia`s largest regional airline, Cecilie Figenschou, says that ASSITEJ Norway stands for values that match Widerøe`s own values.

- We are proud to have the opportunity to profile ourselves through this large international event that takes place in Kristiansand, one of our most strategic focus areas. We share the values that ASSITEJ stands for, which is bringing people and culture together,and giving children and young people opportunities to develop.

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Scandinavian dining

We encourage everyone to explore the local cuisine when visiting. Some of Kristiansand`s most popular restaurants will have special menus for our visitors during the AAG2019! Close to the Kilden Venue, you will find the local fish market, where you can eat shrimps and seafood directly off the boat.

bønderibyen.com, pieder-ro.no, sjohuset.no, reinhartsen.no, bolgenogmoi.no


Since grandpa Selmar Reinhartsen established the company on the island of Flekkerøy in 1931, they have delivered some of the best seafood, wild game and specialties. On the island, Reinhartsen had a fish landing, animals in the shed and berries in the garden. Reinhartsen represent the whole food chain, from their fish landing, production, catering, smokery, engross and two shops.

Visit Reinhartsen`s fish market, one of Norway`s biggest, and experience an attraction for young and old. The ady`s catch is delivered directly to our fish landing. In the fish tanks you`ll find living fish and seashell. We have most of the seasonal seafood. Our renowned kitchen produces on a daily basis fish products for catering and for our shops. From Reinhartsen`s seafood smokery you`ll find prize-winning innovative products such as warm-smoked salmon with coriander and dill, and warm-smoked mackerel with and without herbs. Reinhartsen is a family business owned by the third generation`s Reidar Fredriksen.

At the end of the fish bazar you`ll find our renowned take-away kitchen for seafood - Bryggekjøkkenet is open all summer. Enjoy lovely take-away seafood created in our kitchen - or fresh seafood straight off the boats. The Pirate burger and the fresh Fish`n`Chips are two of our signature dishes.

The Reinhartsen Deli in Lillemarkens.
In the city center you`ll find the Reinhartsen`s Deli in Lillemarkens, where they serve fresh seafood. Enjoy our tempting lunches, or order take-away. You`ll also find other local foods in addition to local arts and cratfs - porcelain, glass and paintings. Welcome!

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Preikestolen or the "Preacher´s Pulpit", 604 meters above the Lysefjorden.
Kristiansand - the children´s choice!
The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.